M1 Finance

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M1 Finance

M1 Finance is best suited for the PASSIVE investor. It is great for the invest it and forget it style of investing passive for the longterm.

Beginning Investors

There are infinite possibilities on M1 Finance wether you prefer the benefits of Dividend Growth with single blue chip stocks or a mix of Vanguard ETF’s, investors of every style can discover what suits them with this easy to use platform.

Fractional Shares

Fractional shares. If you desire to own $100 dollars worth of Amazon or $100 dollars worth of Tesla M1 Finance allows investors to enter high priced stocks which allows even the beginning investors to investors to invest like the pros.

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Key Features
  • Fractional Share Purchase
  • Portfolio Re-investment
  • Free Investing
  • Retirement Accounts

Key Takeaway

“M1 Finance is a perfect platform for the passive investor looking for a fun way to invest…”

Ryan Chartier, Independent Investor Channel

M1 Finance truly has revolutionized the investing opportunity for good. It took what was historically exclusive, complicated, and discouraging and made it fun, easy to get started and technologically ahead of the pack.