Firstrade Financial



Open to international investors, Firstrade offers an amazing opportunity to invest for free and enjoy the power of lighting fast trades and the convenience of a desktop application and a simple to use mobile application.

Portfolio insights

Not only am I extremely transparent with my portfolio holdings, I provide frequent updates and progress within the portfolio which allows Subscribers the unique ability to review the platform and understand how I seek my exposure to the stock market.


Firstrade offers a great option for investors looking for a passive option or a more active investing option with lighting fast stock trades and options contracts that rival any of it’s competitors.

  • Unlimited Free Stock Trades
  • International Investors Enabled
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • Low cost options contracts
Key Takeaway

“Firstrade is great for the active or passive investor…”

ryan Chartier, Independent investor channel

Easy to Use

Firstrade Financial is an excellent investing platform. It offers a very clean and easy to navigate interface that works well for new investors and the most seasoned pros.