Independent Investor Channel


New York City

The Independent Investor Channel started during my time in NYC. Many memories including visiting the NYSE not once but twice. Visited the B fo A building in Bryant Park not once but twice and gained a ton of inspiration for the channel adopted my bronze bull that has been with me since I filmed video 1. Purchased on main street where the charging bull is located just below wall street it symbolizes for me the importance of always believing in the future.

Virginia Beach

As I’ve continued to evolve with the Independent Investor Channel we’ve introduced some new features including the Livestream every Friday evening. We’ve continued to build a loyal SUBSCRIBER base of Independent Self-Directed Investors who answer only to themselves when it comes to their finances and enjoy all the many rewards of understanding the power of a liberated dollar.

Independent Investor Channel

Looking forward we will continue to use the power of social media to bring awareness to the world on the power of having control over your own finances and building wealth over time. It’s not a discipline that you should just pay someone else to worry about and forget it. With the power of technology, accessibility and the availability of information why would you at least not consider coming into the times and seizing this empowering opportunity.

  • Self Directed Investing
  • Personal Finance
  • Budget
  • Military Investing



Ryan, Independent Investor Channel


Independent Investor Channel provides awareness to the prospects of investing on your own. Discover the power of taking control over your own money.

About Us

I offer my message as a testimonial of someone who invests in the stock market on my own. I want to provide awareness to the prospects of taking control of your financial future and how to maximize the potential of your dollars by eliminating expenses and fees.

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